Programs and Events

A person in a denim shirt is holding a clipboard and a pen, standing in front of bookshelves, illustrating the hands-on approach of youth entrepreneurship education.

Live Virtual Youth Pitch Events (Grades 1-12)

Virtual opportunities for youth to share their ideas with entrepreneurs in a non-competitive atmosphere.

VentureLab Spark

VentureLab Spark Mentorship Program (Grades 3-12)

A four-month mentorship program for kids with a business idea to get started or scale up.

A young girl in a blue uniform vest focuses on a craft project at a table, embodying the spirit of youth entrepreneurship education. Another child and an adult are in the background, also engaged in activities that foster creativity and initiative.

VentureLab Girl Scouts Patch Program (Grades 1-12)

Takes girls beyond cookies and across the pillars of Life Skills, STEM, and Outdoors as the learn to take action like an entrepreneur.

VentureLab is able to inspire stories like these thanks to private donations. Want to support future changemakers like these?

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