Online Learning

Online Learning

Three young students, two girls and a boy, intently look at a computer screen in their social entrepreneurship program, showing curiosity and engagement. The boy wears glasses.

Entrepreneurship 101 Online Courses (Grades 3-8)

VentureLab’s online courses provide entrepreneurial learning to youth anywhere! Use as part of a class, homeschool curriculum, hybrid and remote learning, and lots more!

Two children sitting on the floor engaging with a laptop, with one pointing at the screen and the other observing, explore concepts from an entrepreneurship education program.

Remote Learning Resources (Grades 1-8)

Resources, activities, and videos specifically tailored to a remote learning environment! These resources come with tips for not only what to teach, but how to teach.

A family of four, consisting of two adults and two children, is lying on the floor looking at a tablet screen together, exploring a program on youth entrepreneurship education.

VentureLab Blog (Grades 1-12)

Fun activities, inspiring stories, and entrepreneurial learning (and teaching!) advice all in one place.

VentureLab YouTube

VentureLab’s YouTube (Grades 1-12)

Learn about entrepreneurship with fun, easy-to-follow videos. Plus, check out our Youth Pitch Event pitches and a whole lot more!

VentureLab is able to inspire stories like these thanks to private donations. Want to support future changemakers like these?

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