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High School Startup 101

This unique course teaches students in 9th through 12th grades the basics of entrepreneurship, as well as how to start a company, create innovative products and even pitch to investors. It’s a hands-on, experiential camp that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Experience High School Startup

In High School Startup, students get to launch their own company, conduct customer research and competitive analysis, and build a real, working product prototype. At the end of the session, they’ll also practice pitching and demoing, and they’ll get access to a professional mentor who can give them guidance on their corporate journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to bring anything to the courses?

No. Just bring your creativity. If you’re signed up for a 6 hour course and you declined to purchase lunch, make sure to bring something to eat, too!

Q: How safe are the locations/staff?

VentureLab prides itself in creating a safe environment, and this means a couple things:

  • All employees have passed background checks.
  • Each location is chosen to ensure the utmost security.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind.

Youth Startup

Youth Startup courses provide kids with hands-on experience starting a business. Designed for students ages 5-13, these programs promotes students’ creativity by encouraging them to brainstorm ideas, build their own products and launch their own company. They’ll learn valuable skills like market research, product development, prototyping and competitive analysis, and they’ll even get experience with pitching. The best part? They’ll have a ton of fun along the way.

In additional to our engaging teachers, working professionals from the area will be present during each course, serving as mentors who provide guidance, advice and networking opportunities to each and every student. These mentors can prove to be powerful connections as students work to make their companies successful outside the classroom.



This summer, VentureLab will offer two Youth Startup courses:

Youth Startup 101 - For those learning the entrepreneurial process for the first time, Youth Startup 101 will take students through the basics of developing an idea into a real product or service. They’ll learn how those skills can be applied to any interest or passion that they have!

Youth Startup Launch - If your student wants an advanced look into starting a company, they can deep dive into entrepreneurship at Youth Startup Launch! Though perfect for students who are returners to VentureLab or who have used our curriculum in their schools, previous experience is not required. We do strongly recommend that students come to camp with an idea for a product or service they want to work on!

Is any prior experience required for Youth Startup? No prior experience is required for Youth Startup 101. We strongly encourage that students enrolling in Youth Startup Launch come with an idea for a product or service they would like to build, or that they have taken a VentureLab Startup course at their school or in a previous summer. Please email with any questions.


Girl Startup 101

Girl Startup is designed to address the shockingly low numbers of women in STEM jobs, as well as executive and CEO-level positions in our country. It gives young girls the skills they need to start their own companies, launch their own brands and see success both academically and professionally.

This girls-only program focuses primarily on entrepreneurship and related skills like brainstorming, prototyping, competitive analysis, demoing and pitching. Instead of learning about these principles out of a textbook, though, students receive real, hands-on experience. They’ll also work with a professional mentor who can help them along the way.

Should I enroll my student in Girl Startup or Youth Startup 101? This is a matter of personal preference! Some girls prefer being in a new environment and learning a new skill with other girls, while others learn better in a diverse classroom.


If your child loves games, help them turn their passion into a professional skillset. In our Gamer courses, students learn how to think like video game entrepreneurs, considering the potential players and buyers of their products. They’ll code, build, and test even as they gain experience with market research and audience surveys.

Why stop at playing games? Give your students the skills to take gaming into their own hands – they can get creative, innovate and make a product that other kids just like them will love. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have a successful design career ahead of them!


Gamer Weekend Classes offer a taste of the Gamer experience – students can get hands-on with game design using physical materials and computer programs!

This summer VentureLab will offer two Gamer courses:

Gamer: Explore game logic and design with our Gamer class. Students will work with both physical materials and electronic devices, developing board or tabletop games in addition to video games as they discuss the importance of understanding their potential players and markets. This class is great for students with no code or design experience!

Gamer Coding: Have a tech whiz who wants to get deep into programming logic and structures? Gamer Coding will allow students to experiment with several different game development platforms and languages as they build skills they can use to keep building their games even after camp.

Can my student keep the games they design? Absolutely! Instructions will be shared with parents regarding accessing games created on the iPad at home.

What programming and game design platforms do you use? We use a variety of programs depending on the age of the student including, but not limited to, Puzzlets, Floors, Hour of Code, and Game Salad.

Is previous experience required to take Gamer Coding? Gamer Coding is a good fit for students who have taken a VentureLab Gamer class before, but it is not required.


Are your children constantly creating things and wanting to know more about the latest and greatest gadget? Maker is for them! In this course, we explore the creative process with some of the newest technology available. Each Maker course is different - students engage in activities ranging from 3D printing to electronics. Unlike traditional STEM programs, our Maker course goes above and beyond by teaching students how to apply the technology in an entrepreneurial way. We want your child to be familiar with the newest technology – we also want them to be able to actually make a career out of it! All of our Maker classes end with students designing a business around the products they create.

This summer, VentureLab will offer one Maker course:

Maker 3D Printing - 3D printing technology is used in fields ranging from food to fashion to medicine. Students will learn the basics of 3D design, experiment with printer technology, and think entrepreneurially about how 3D printers might be used in whatever subject area they are passionate about!

What kinds of technology or supplies will students use? Every Maker course is different, but students might use  littleBits, circuitry pens, building and craft supplies, or a 3D printer.

What if my student isn’t a ‘techie’ kid? Will they enjoy Maker? Absolutely! The Maker mindset is about creativity and design in addition to engineering skills – we have found that students of all interests and backgrounds have fun and find ways to contribute to their groups with our Maker activities.

Urban Farmer

Give your child hands-on experience in one of the fastest-growing sectors of agriculture: hydroponic farming. In Urban Farmer camp, students will learn about these high-tech farming methods, as well as what it takes to run their own farm, sell their own produce and see success in this business field.

The Urban Farmer session is a fun and interactive one. Students get hands-on experience in hydroponic farming, and they even attend a local farmers’ market to see how local operations sell and market their products.

Q: Can a different person pick up the child versus drop them off? Another parent or a babysitter, perhaps?

Yes. However, VentureLab staff needs to know who is picking up your child, and we will create a way to confirm it is, in fact, the correct person. If you don’t tell us beforehand, we will need a verbal phone confirmation before letting someone else pick up your child.

Q: If a course is already full, is there a waiting list available?

Yes, all of our courses have waiting lists. You’ll be informed 1-2 weeks before the course if a spot has opened up.

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Why Entrepreneurship Education?

VentureLab offers rigorous, standards-based entrepreneurship and science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) K-12 programs that prepare students for the 21st century. We empower teachers with fun, innovative training and easy-to-use materials. These teachers bring the entrepreneurial mindset to their classroom, where students become active, engaged learnings tackling real-world problems. As they research, brainstorm, and prototype, students learn to develop creative solutions and confidently share their ideas.


No matter a student’s age, background, or experiences, we believe they have the power to change the world around them. Let us help you show them how.

Why Choose VentureLab?

Entrepreneurs are found in fields ranging from business to art, from medicine to mathematics. It’s not just about content, but about the entrepreneurial mindset – about empowering students to feel free to take risks and learn from failure, and giving them the tools and confidence to truly believe that they can turn their ideas into reality.

By the year 2020, 40% of our workforce will be self-employed. Today’s young people need the acumen to recognize an opportunity when they see one, and the drive and grit to pursue a solution all the way to the end.

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Why Venture Lab

“VentureLab helps students think creatively and leads to good problem solving skills. I’m so excited to finally bring something real to my students.” – Rita, Teacher

“Students became more confident, now saying, ‘I can do this’. Students were more enthusiastic about learning, and about being in school. I’m excited that we collaborated with VentureLab.” – Blanca, Vice Principal

“This is exactly what we need happening in our schools. We’re very fortunate to have VentureLab… to provide this enriching experience to our children.” – Mike, Parent