Allowing Girls The Freedom to Create

Allowing girls the freedom to create

There aren’t many experiences that take place in a conventional school in which there are no grades, no penalties for not following rules, no possibility of a humiliating failure, no multiple choice test nor essay, no consequence for disruption, no avoidance of “coloring outside the lines,” no swipe at GPAs, no carrots or sticks, no … Read more

Measure The Quest For Knowledge

Make quantitative creative

Over the last six posts, I’ve outlined six of the seven strategies for encouraging creativity and curiosity in young girls, which I’ve identified through my own work and teaching, and through the findings that Frans Johannson explored in his book The Medici Effect. So far, I’ve introduced you to strategies for: Reawakening a drive in children … Read more

Intergrate Art and Design to Encourage Girls in Science

Integrate Art and Design

All science touches on art; all art has a scientific side. The worst scientist is he who is not an artist; the worst artist is he who is no scientist. — Armand Trousseau, noted 19th-century French physician In my last several posts, I’ve been outlining strategies for encouraging creativity in girls, and in developing their … Read more

Help Girls to Learn How Creative Steam Can Be

STEAM fields can be wildy creative

Over my last few posts, you’ve discovered four of the seven strategies that I’ve been outlining for you that can help you encourage creativity and curiosity in girls. So far, I’ve explored the need to reawaken a drive in children, to encourage children to learn differently, to allow children’s play to be a creative outlet … Read more

A Change in Perspective Can Develop Children’s Curiosity

The ability to change perspectives is valuable

In this series of posts, I’ve been outlining seven strategies that I’ve uncovered—through my work, and through the insights explored by Frans Johannson in his book The Medici Effect that encourage the curious child to embark on a quest of discovery. In the last few posts, I looked at the need to reawaken a drive in children, … Read more

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