Help Girls to Learn How Creative Steam Can Be

STEAM fields can be wildy creative

Over my last few posts, you’ve discovered four of the seven strategies that I’ve been outlining for you that can help you encourage creativity and curiosity in girls. So far, I’ve explored the need to reawaken a drive in children, to encourage children to learn differently, to allow children’s play to be a creative outlet … Read more

A Change in Perspective Can Develop Children’s Curiosity

The ability to change perspectives is valuable

In this series of posts, I’ve been outlining seven strategies that I’ve uncovered—through my work, and through the insights explored by Frans Johannson in his book The Medici Effect that encourage the curious child to embark on a quest of discovery. In the last few posts, I looked at the need to reawaken a drive in children, … Read more

To Encourage Curiosity, Make it Play

encourage playful learning

In my previous two posts, I began to outline the seven strategies that encourage the curious child to embark on a quest of discovery. I spoke about the need to reawaken a drive in children and to encourage children to learn differently. Here is the third strategy for encouraging curiosity in children: Make it play … Read more

Encourage Girls To Learn Differently

Innovators are often self-taught

In my last post, I began to outline the seven strategies that play out in entrepreneurial class—strategies that encourage the curious child to embark on a quest of discovery. I spoke about the need to reawaken a drive in children. Here, I look at the second strategy: 2. Learn Differently  Diverse teams who have been … Read more

Strategies to Encourage a Curious Child: Find What Drives Them

Encourage a Curious Child

How can you encourage a curious child to move from first ponderings to a quest of discovery?  From Frans Johansson’s insights into what he has called the “Medici Effect,” in which combining disciplines leads to creative discoveries, and from my own work as a scientist and as an entrepreneurship educator, I’ve have identified seven strategies … Read more

Encouraging the Rhythm of Curiosity in Girls

curiosity is a creative asset

Curious girls are often inclined toward science because scientific questions are fascinating and the answers potentially world-altering. Once girls get in a ryhtym for their curiosity, they can generate fascinating questions, big and small, on topics that are doctorate-worthy. Here are some intriguing questions from some of the brilliant, curiosity-driven children we’ve worked with at … Read more

Entrepreneurial Learning Inspires Creativity

Entrepreneurial Leanring Inspires Creativity

In my last couple of posts, I looked at how improvisation and entrepreneurialism are related, because improv helps foster the skills to think on the fly and be open to ideas, and entrepreneurialism runs with those skills to help develop new products and processes from ideas. As with improv, in entrepreneurial learning, an idea has … Read more

How Improv Can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Improv can improve your entrepreneurial spirit

“Improv makes you an amazing listener,” says Kevin Benson, who coaches entrepreneurs. “Listening involves more than just speaking and hearing. Listening is a deeper level of awareness for the communication and messages being sent by others.” Improv performers learn to pay attention to details and nuances that can open up a scene to entirely new … Read more

Entrepreneurial Talent and Improv

If you’ve ever been to an improv theatre, you’ve seen performers who are quick on their feet, creating storylines on the spot while they collaborate with the other performers. In fact, improvisation and the entrepreneurial process have a lot in common: improvising with the materials on hand, playing off individual strengths, stretching beyond comfort zones, changing … Read more

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