Blog post: Adapting To, and Changing, The Reality of Bias

Adapting To, and Changing, The Reality of Bias

Women often face the challenge of being overlooked or interrupted in conversations, a reality combated by phrases such as “Stop interrupting me,” and “No explanation needed”. This issue is particularly prevalent in male-dominated fields like science and engineering. However, many women, such as Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd College, have overcome these hurdles to achieve great success. It’s essential to instill confidence in girls and reassure them that they can flourish despite inherent gender biases.

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How science treats women vs. men

How Science Treats Women VS. Men

If anyone doubts that young women face discouragement because of their gender, consider Barbara Barres, who was a prominent female neurobiologist at Stanford University. Early

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Gender bias

Girls and Gaps

Nick Hahn is what I call a “technology dad.” Being a techie with a lifelong fascination with all things digital, he is ideally positioned to

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Why I founded Venture

Why I Founded VentureLab

When I led the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, I noticed how differently men and women responded in class. Even the most accomplished and confident women had a tendency to become timid in a classroom environment, while men seemed to display much more confidence, even if they were less prepared than female students. I realized that this behavior was entrenched at an early age. And I decided to see what I could do to help change this. With these thoughts in mind, in 2013 I started VentureLab, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching entrepreneurial skills to children—with a particular focus on teaching girls.

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