Creativity is messy

Thinking Creatively and Messily

Our pop-culture mind values creativity in music, the visual and performing arts, media, digital design, and self-expression. But our K-12 education system is heavily focused on

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Five children are looking down at the camera, with one holding and peering through a magnifying glass. The background is a solid green color, symbolizing the fresh perspectives brought by youth entrepreneurship education.

Developing Free-Range Curiosity

Explore the concept of ‘free-range curiosity’, where simple natural observations like feathers can inspire deep questions and lead to expansive learning. This article delves into how nurturing curiosity can connect children with nature and potentially guide them towards innovative environmental solutions.

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nurturing curiosity in education

Curiosity: Growing Resilient Lifelong Learners

Discover the pivotal role of curiosity in cultivating resilient and engaged lifelong learners. Learn valuable insights on how encouraging inquisitive thinking from a young age can empower children to navigate and thrive in uncertain environments, fostering a proactive and adaptable mindset.

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