Venture Forward with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Venture forward like an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business, it’s a way of thinking and acting. It’s about identifying opportunities, finding ways to solve problems, and taking calculated risks. It is the process of creating solutions, ideation, design, and iteration. It’s about creating, delivering, and capturing value. Entrepreneurship is also a very personal journey of self-exploration and … Read more

Making Failure a Tool for Discovery

Failure is a tool for discovery

How do you speak to your children and students about failure? Do you create an environment and engage in a dialogue with your children where failure is a tool for discovery? At VentureLab, we’ve spoken with students about how they perceive failure. In doing so, students learn that failure has a vocabulary all its own, … Read more

Talking About Failure

Talking about failure

Dinner conversations at the Blakely household had an unusual twist. Each night at the table, Sara Blakely’s father would ask her, “What have you failed at today?” And she would recount her successes and setbacks, learning to move beyond failure. By the time she entered college, Sara Blakely was steeped in failure and experienced at … Read more

Developing Skills For The Future

Developing Skills For The Future

Our world needs skilled, innovative workers. Not just any skills—but increasingly specialized as well as wide-ranging ones. According to a World Economic Forum Report, “New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology,” students need to have core skills in science, mathematics and finance, among other essentials. They need to develop critical thinking, … Read more

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