Curiosity: Growing Resillient Lifelong Learners

Curiosity: Growing Resillient Lifelong Learners

When we encourage a child to follow her curiosity, she discovers so much more on her own. Becoming attuned to her instincts helps a girl engage and entertain herself without requiring external stimulation like television and video games. Instead of drifting toward disengagement, she sharpens her ability to ask questions, follow her curiosity, create predictive … Read more

Culitivating a Curiosity Cycle in Children

the curiosity cycle

Jonathan Mugan is a robot guy, a computer scientist who devotes time to studying how children learn. By understanding the minds of children, especially preschoolers, its possible for humans to create robots that can learn in similar ways. Mugan dissects how children learn by building mental models—for example, learning that by putting red paint on … Read more

The Struggle to Engage Girls in Steam Subjects

engage girls in steam subjects

Too few girls pursue careers in technology, computer science, engineering, and the complement of eSTEAM subjects. All over the country, parents, teachers and industry leaders have studied, surveyed, incentivized, intervened, mentored, recruited. They’ve done everything they think they can do to encourage more girls to pursue eSTEAM. There are fantastic programs, such as First Bytes, … Read more

Sparking Curiosity and Creativity in Girls

Competition strengthens the brain

By thinking entrepreneurially and diving into ESTEAM education, girls can become the leaders that our economy and society needs. In these next few blogs, I will tell you the story of one brilliant entrepreneur, Bri Connelly, who learned grit and determination and applied it to her career. Computer science wasn’t on Bri Connelly’s radar as … Read more

Overcoming Fear of Failure for a Chance at Success

Overcoming Fear of Failure for a Chance at Success

Our mindset and the way in which we think affects how we think. The celebrated psychologist Carol Dweck has written about mindset in her research surrounding motivation, personality and development. Her writings are included in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Before Dweck’s research, which shows how important it is to emphasize mindset, such … Read more

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