Empowering Students

High school teens in Springfield Illinois start an entrepreneurship program focused on confidence, problem solving, empathy, the design process, persistence, optimism

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs in Illinois

Discover how a nonprofit agency in Springfield, IL empowers low-income and minority high school students to become entrepreneurs. Through a 17-week afterschool program, underserved students gain skills for successful business models. With VentureLab’s Idea to Pitch program, they improve public speaking and embrace failure. TSP staff drive curiosity and collaboration for engaging STEM learning. The program culminates in a student showcase, and 90% report increased STEM interest.

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BakerRipley Builds Confidence During Little Leaders Summer Camp

The Impact of Youth Entrepreneurship Education in Houston with VentureLab and BakerRipley

VentureLab’s collaboration with BakerRipley in Houston showcases the transformative power of youth entrepreneurship education. Discover how a week-long program ignited passion, confidence, and a renewed interest in business among students, reinforcing the belief that entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business—it’s cultivating a mindset for success and innovation.

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