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How to Play the Pitch Game

Brainstorm a product or service based on the four words: an adjective, noun, verb, and customer. Develop a slogan and a 20 second pitch to convince someone it’s a great idea and they need it in their lives!

Example: If you got the words flat, notebook, dive and a customer age 50-65 who likes meeting new people, you might come up with… From Me To You, a handwritten message service. Times have changed and so has communication. With our patented notebook technology, simply speak the words you want and it will appear on a flat piece of paper in perfect writing. Dive into meaningful relationships. Send a message. From Me To You.

(Check out our full pitch game instructions here for entrepreneurial mindset connections and discussion questions.)

Challenge yourself! Try these pitch game versions!

Generate ideas using an adjective, noun, verb, and location!

Generate ideas using an adjective, noun, verb, and material!

The original pitch game: generate ideas using an adjective, noun, and verb!

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