Your Wacky Invention objects:

How to Play Wacky Inventions

This activity inspires creativity through play and curiosity. Consider two different ordinary objects, then combine them to make a brand new product! To play:

  1. OBSERVE: For each object, ask: What does it do? Who uses it? What else could we do with it (or some of its features/parts)?
  2. BRAINSTORM: How might we combine the different features of the product to come up with something new? The wackier the better! Remember the brainstorming rules!
  3. PITCH: Come up with a 20 second pitch for your new product! Give it a name or slogan and persuade your audience to buy it.

Example: If your objects were a house plant and a brick, you might create a wacky invention called… Plant Pavers! You can help the Earth by using Plant Pavers. Each brick-sized paver is a mini habitat that allows rain to soak in and grows a plant wherever it’s placed. Easily pave your garden or your lawn with plants! Pavers are designed for specific geographic regions to include native species of plants. Make a difference. Plant our Planet with Plant Pavers. #planttheplanet

(Check out our full wacky inventions instructions here for entrepreneurial mindset connections, discussion questions, and videos.)

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