Your Wacky Invention objects:

Object 1

Object 2

(draw a new card to start and continue the game)

How to Play Wacky Inventions

This activity inspires creativity through play and curiosity. Consider two different ordinary objects, then combine them to make a brand new product! To play:

  1. OBSERVE: For each object, ask: What does it do? Who uses it? What else could we do with it (or some of its features/parts)?
  2. BRAINSTORM: How might we combine the different features of the product to come up with something new? The wackier the better! Remember the brainstorming rules!
  3. PITCH: Come up with a 20 second pitch for your new product! Give it a name or slogan and persuade your audience to buy it.

Example: If your objects were a house plant and a brick, you might create a wacky invention called… Plant Pavers! You can help the Earth by using Plant Pavers. Each brick-sized paver is a mini habitat that allows rain to soak in and grows a plant wherever it’s placed. Easily pave your garden or your lawn with plants! Pavers are designed for specific geographic regions to include native species of plants. Make a difference. Plant our Planet with Plant Pavers. #planttheplanet

(Check out our full wacky inventions instructions here for entrepreneurial mindset connections, discussion questions, and videos.)

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