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VentureLab’s online courses provide entrepreneurial learning to youth and educators anywhere! Our Entrepreneurship 101 courses for grades 3-12 works well as part of a class, homeschool curriculum, hybrid and remote learning, and lots more.
Invest the time and energy in yourself with our Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Educators professional development course, and you’ll see growth in the performance and outcomes of the students you serve!

Entrepreneurial Mindsets for Educators

Elevate your teaching and ignite a passion for innovation within your students with the Mindset Course for Educators. The course delves deep into the crux of entrepreneurial mindsets, empowering you to nurture these qualities within your classroom, regardless of the subject matter. As you gain insights shared by fellow educators and immerse yourself in practical strategies, you’ll witness both personal and professional transformation. By adopting approaches that enhance growth mindset, adaptability, and problem-solving skills, you’re not just teaching; you’re inspiring the next cadre of world changemakers.

Join this vibrant, asynchronous community of practice, where the ethos is to “practice what you teach,” and journey towards enhancing your and your students’ entrepreneurial thinking.

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Entrepreneurship 101 (for grades 3-12)

Dive into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with VentureLab’s Entrepreneurship 101, tailored for students in grades 3-12. This comprehensive course is creatively structured around 10 engaging sections, enriched with 30 interactive, video-based activities that ignite young minds. Beginning with exercises in creativity and a deep dive into students’ individual interests, the course skillfully guides participants through the intricate journey of entrepreneurship. From the genesis of an idea to the actual creation, and onwards to delivering and capturing value, learners are equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and vital skills needed to bring their unique products or services to life. This course isn’t just about learning entrepreneurial mindsets; it’s about doing, experiencing, and transforming ideas into actionable, value-driven ventures.

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