The ‘Medici Effect’ of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Medici Effect of Entrepreneurial Thinking

A family that lived in Italy 700 years ago changed history so much that we still talk about it today. The Medici were wealthy, entrepreneurial, politically powerful, religiously connected (producing four popes) and, as if that weren’t enough, influential in helping to kick-start the Italian Renaissance. The Medici were a curiosity-driven bunch. They loved a good conversation, … Read more

Entrepreneurship Education: The Toolbox To Develop Tomorrow’s Changemakers

VentureLab curriculum

Friends, I am excited to share that the first half of VentureLab’s brand new youth entrepreneurship curriculum is now available for grades 6-12 and is available at no charge. The interactive lessons teach kids, particularly girls, to develop courageous, creative, can-do attitudes and be ready to take on the challenges of our evolving world. Check them … Read more

Home School Resources: Teaching A Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Teaching A Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Many parents are finding that traditional public school options are inadequate for their children’s education. Some opt to take their child’s schooling into their own hands, and offer a home school program instead. While this may require more work for both the parent and child, it also allows for an unparalleled amount of personalization and … Read more

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