Going Full “Steam” Ahead

eSTEAM is the future of learning

When stereotypes are shattered, girls realize they can accomplish great things, and not let social prejudice hold them back, especially in the important areas of the disciplines known as STEAM—for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Take the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, a rollicking event held annually since 2006 that now draws … Read more

Entrepreneurial Learning Inspires Creativity

Entrepreneurial Leanring Inspires Creativity

In my last couple of posts, I looked at how improvisation and entrepreneurialism are related, because improv helps foster the skills to think on the fly and be open to ideas, and entrepreneurialism runs with those skills to help develop new products and processes from ideas. As with improv, in entrepreneurial learning, an idea has … Read more

How Improv Can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Improv can improve your entrepreneurial spirit

“Improv makes you an amazing listener,” says Kevin Benson, who coaches entrepreneurs. “Listening involves more than just speaking and hearing. Listening is a deeper level of awareness for the communication and messages being sent by others.” Improv performers learn to pay attention to details and nuances that can open up a scene to entirely new … Read more

Developing Free-Range Curiosity

Free-Range curiosity

A curious mind can find things to explore almost anywhere, especially outdoors. I call it free-range curiosity. Take feathers. If you walk through a neighborhood where lawns aren’t cultivated like crops, and where nature’s “irregularities and imperfections” haven’t been blasted away by leaf blowers, chances are you’ll spot a few stray feathers. Simply by beginning … Read more

Curiosity: Growing Resillient Lifelong Learners

Curiosity: Growing Resillient Lifelong Learners

When we encourage a child to follow her curiosity, she discovers so much more on her own. Becoming attuned to her instincts helps a girl engage and entertain herself without requiring external stimulation like television and video games. Instead of drifting toward disengagement, she sharpens her ability to ask questions, follow her curiosity, create predictive … Read more

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