The Differences In How Men and Women React In Learning

men and women react in learning

Often men and women react differently in a learning environment. When I was leading the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, this situation became crystal clear to me. I observed striking differences between male and female students in class. Young women whom I saw strolling around campus fully engaged … Read more

Giving Back to Help Girls Grow In The Sciences

Help girls grow

Going into engineering was a natural choice for me. I’d been raised to do anything a boy could do. My Sunday dress was just that. The rest of the week I was free to play in the mud or tinker with broken appliances in the garage. It was a hands-on, bilingual childhood. I thought I … Read more

Overcoming Fear of Failure for a Chance at Success

Overcoming Fear of Failure for a Chance at Success

Our mindset and the way in which we think affects how we think. The celebrated psychologist Carol Dweck has written about mindset in her research surrounding motivation, personality and development. Her writings are included in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Before Dweck’s research, which shows how important it is to emphasize mindset, such … Read more

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