The Lessons Of A Lemonade Stand

National Lemonade Day

Little girls are naturally imaginative and industrious. In class or at home, learning that they can make their ideas a reality sparks their motivation. With a bit of encouragement, they will find ways to be productive, leading to a lifetime foundation of self direction and self confidence. After entrepreneur Michael Holthouse sold his telecommunications company … Read more

Girls Can Become Entrepreneurs Before They Even Start School

Girls Can Become Entrepreneurs

Most 5-year-olds have not yet been to school, and don’t yet understand what it is to make a failing grade. What better time to introduce them to the entrepreneurial skill of learning from successive failures? Testing, trying, failing, rethinking, adjusting, failing again, wisely—this cycle is designed into Entrepreneurship 101 for 5- to 7-year-olds. We ensure … Read more

Let Children Grow By Following Their Interests

Let children grow

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child,” Pablo Picasso once said. Too often, children lose the confidence to follow their interests because of an educational system that is test-obsessed and focused on correct answers instead of creative problem-solving. The loss can be gradual, subtle and … Read more

Encourage Girls to Identify Problems and Find Soultions

Encourage girls to identify problems

For young girls, every day is a new adventure of first-time experiences, discovering boundaries along the way. The entrepreneurial twist is to encourage girls to identify their problems and think about solutions to frustrations, focusing and improving on their ideas, with just enough guidance and assistance from grown-ups. When I teach 5-year-olds, I’m continually struck … Read more

Allowing Girls The Freedom to Create

Allowing girls the freedom to create

There aren’t many experiences that take place in a conventional school in which there are no grades, no penalties for not following rules, no possibility of a humiliating failure, no multiple choice test nor essay, no consequence for disruption, no avoidance of “coloring outside the lines,” no swipe at GPAs, no carrots or sticks, no … Read more

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