Your Story Starter Card:

(draw a new card to start and continue the game)

How to use the Story Starter

This activity inspires creativity, courage, and risk taking while building community among participants.

To play:

  1. Have one person start the story by reading the card aloud and completing the sentence. 
  2. Another person can add a sentence or more to develop the story. (action, new characters, setting change, plots twists)
  3. This continues until everyone has added their ideas or the story reaches an ending. (This is the place to highlighting how diversity and input from different people with different ways of thinking is a key to innovation.)

Use this as an opportunity to teach and practice the Brainstorming Rules: that all ideas are welcome, there are no bad ideas, and that we should not limit our ideas to what seems sensible or possible!

(Learn about the four rules of brainstorming and apply them to a fun challenge: making a pig fly.)

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