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Ready Set Startup Sponsor Kit

Sponsor Social Media Toolkit 2024

Ready, Set Startup! Gala Website:
VentureLab’s website: 
Social Hashtags: #ReadySetStartUp, #ReadySetStartUp2024 #VentureLab

General Toolkit Guidelines:
This toolkit is intended for sponsors. This is not to be shared with the press of any kind.
If you have questions about press or publicity, or about the toolkit, please reach out to your VentureLab contact.

General Social Guidelines:
In addition to using the above hashtag, feel free to tag VentureLab in any/all posts:

@VentureLab LinkedIn | @OurVentureLab Facebook | @OurVentureLab X/Twitter | @OurVentureLab Instagram | @VentureLab Pinterest

General rule of thumb: Do not post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable saying to a room full of people or that may end up used in a press article. (Press often pull tweets to use in news).

Celebrate your participation in this event and what it means to you. Highlight your participation and commitment to VentureLab’s mission of championing entrepreneurship education.

Suggested Social Media Content:

Ready Set Startup 2024

We are thrilled to announce we are a sponsor for @VentureLab’s Ready, Set, Startup! Gala where the future of entrepreneurship is taking center stage. This event is all about empowering young minds with the tools and resources young entrepreneurs need to turn their big dreams into reality.

Join us on April 6th, and get your gala tickets here:
#ReadySetStartUp, #ReadySetStartUp2024 #VentureLab

VentureLab Ready Set Startup


Excited to sponsor @VentureLab’s Ready, Set, Startup! Gala. Join us April 6th as we empower young minds to become future business leaders. More details here:

#ReadySetStartUp, #ReadySetStartUp2024 #VentureLab

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