A letter from VentureLab’s founder

No matter a girl’s age, background, or experiences, I believe they have the power to change the world. Let me show you how. The born entrepreneur Imagine a girl who at five is an entrepreneurial wonder. She scores at the genius level for thinking outside the box, collaborates beautifully with her friends to solve problems, … Read more

Starting with a Feather: Free-Range Curiosity (Excerpt from VentureGirls)

Curiosity can inspire incredible new ideas, and practicing curiosity doesn’t have to be done in a structured setting. For an example of everyday curiosity encouraged and explored, dive into this excerpt from VentureGirls, written by VentureLab’s founder, Dr. Luz Cristal Glangchai: A curious girl can be comfortable and confident in environments of uncertainty. She has … Read more

Learning the VentureLab Way: Raising Questions and Inspiring Curiosity

Curiosity is a natural human instinct - VentureLab.org

When you encourage children’s curiosity, you’re actually enabling learning at a profound level. Take the case of Sue Kolby, a single mother: “My friend salvaged a flat panel television that someone had left beside a dumpster and brought it over to me,” she said, thinking her kids might enjoy having a larger monitor for TV … Read more

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