A letter from VentureLab’s founder

No matter a girl’s age, background, or experiences, I believe they have the power to change the world. Let me show you how. The born entrepreneur Imagine a girl who at five is an entrepreneurial wonder. She scores at the genius level for thinking outside the box, collaborates beautifully with her friends to solve problems, … Read more

Starting with a Feather: Free-Range Curiosity (Excerpt from VentureGirls)

Curiosity can inspire incredible new ideas, and practicing curiosity doesn’t have to be done in a structured setting. For an example of everyday curiosity encouraged and explored, dive into this excerpt from VentureGirls, written by VentureLab’s founder, Dr. Luz Cristal Glangchai: A curious girl can be comfortable and confident in environments of uncertainty. She has … Read more

Learning the VentureLab Way: Raising Questions and Inspiring Curiosity

Curiosity is a natural human instinct - VentureLab.org

When you encourage children’s curiosity, you’re actually enabling learning at a profound level. Take the case of Sue Kolby, a single mother: “My friend salvaged a flat panel television that someone had left beside a dumpster and brought it over to me,” she said, thinking her kids might enjoy having a larger monitor for TV … Read more

Growth Mindset: Your Brain Can Change!

Your brain can change. It can grow. It can form new neural pathways. You can develop new abilities to do things you never thought possible. At VentureLab, we encourage children to banish any fear of failure, any lingering notions of their own “weaknesses,” any pessimistic preconceptions, and any subconscious limitations that hold them back. These … Read more

Making Failure a Tool for Discovery

Failure is a tool for discovery

How do you speak to your children and students about failure? Do you create an environment and engage in a dialogue with your children where failure is a tool for discovery? At VentureLab, we’ve spoken with students about how they perceive failure. In doing so, students learn that failure has a vocabulary all its own, … Read more

Start Them Young

Potential for great creativty

In these recent posts in which I’ve offered tips on raising entrepreneurial girls, I’ve suggested ways to foster their curiosity, encourage girls to remain idealistic (and to use that idealism to push themselves creatively), and to embrace and learn from failure. Here I look at an important tip for raising an entrepreneurial girl: start quite … Read more

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