Dr. Cristal Glangchai

A young child wearing safety goggles is concentrating on an electronic project with tools, against a purple background with illustrated light bulbs and paper airplanes, embodying kids' entrepreneurial learning in the world of STEM.

Creating STEM- Confident Kids Through Entrepreneurial Learning

At VentureLab, we’ve taught entrepreneurial concepts to hundreds of girls—and boys. Our ESTEAM curriculum combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics with entrepreneurship, helping students identify needs, create solutions, and take calculated risks. This hands-on approach encourages creativity, problem-solving, and confidence, preparing them for future success in STEAM fields. Discover how our programs inspire the next generation of innovative leaders.

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Curiosity is active

Curiosity and ‘Creative Mischief’

Is it curiosity or mischief? Sometimes, it’s both! Curiosity naturally involves testing and refining mental models. When creating our entrepreneurial learning programs, we focus on crafting lessons that cultivate curiosity and reward it.

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Youth are unstoppable change agents

The Importance of Teaching Grit

Grit is an essential element of the entrepreneurial mindset. It has two parts. One is resilience, a positive response to failure or adversity. The other is perseverance,

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Potential for great creativty

Start Them Young

In these recent posts in which I’ve offered tips on raising entrepreneurial girls, I’ve suggested ways to foster their curiosity, encourage girls to remain idealistic

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Get Dad Involved in teaching their daughters

Get Dad Involved

In my last few blog posts, I’ve been presenting a series of tips for raising entrepreneurial girls. These tips include helping girls embrace and learn

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