Without A Growth Mindset, Girls Limit Themselves

Girls Limit Themselves

Many girls who are straight-A students are often discouraged from subjects where they achieve less than an A. As a result, these gifted girls assume that the course content is not for them, so they choose not to push themselves to pursue these subjects further. Typically these girls are praised and rewarded for their near-perfect … Read more

Lighting the Spark: Retraining Young Girls to Excel

Retraining Young Girls to Excel

Raising your daughter to become an intelligent and successful woman is your goal as well as mine. We all want our children to succeed, and we all want our daughters to be able to thrive in the world despite the constraints that society places on girls. In this series of blogs, I will explore how … Read more

Teaching a Confidence Mindset So Girls Learn From Failure

Teaching a Confidence Mindset So Girls Learn From Failure

Girls can be taught a confidence mindset, to persevere through failures and setbacks in pursuit of their goals. When their self-image is unchained, and their self-confidence unleashed by shifting their thinking from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset,” girls become unstoppable change agents. By teaching girls in an entrepreneurial setting, we help them to … Read more

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