Instilling a Growth Mindset In Girls

Growth mindset in girls

At VentureLab, we encourage creative brainstorming and zeroing in on promising ideas. With our curriculum, girls learn to design and create a prototype, even if it is only drawn on paper. They learn to conduct research by asking friends and family their thoughts on the prototype. They follow through with their best solutions—and they think about … Read more

Entrepreneurial Education Sparks Curiosity and Confidence In Girls

Spark confidence In girls

I have repeatedly observed remarkable core transformations in girls of all ages who take part in the entrepreneurial exercises of VentureLab. We are demonstrating that entrepreneurial education holds a key to sparking girls’ interest in engineering, computer science, and technology by… Making these subjects real and relevant as girls learn to “think like entrepreneurs” about … Read more

How VentureLab Approaches Entrepreneurial Education

How VentureLab Approaches Entrepreneurial Education

Who amongst us has ever accomplished something startlingly new without believing that it would be possible? Entrepreneurial education is all about possibilities. Being able to see how possibilities become realities for children and hot they embrace the continuing wonder of discovery is what’s so exciting about teaching entrepreneurship! Children are driven by curiosity and an urge … Read more

From Growth Mindset to Entrepreneurial Mindset

From Growth Mindset to Entrepreneurial Mindset

What changes when students develop entrepreneurial skills at a young age? They learn that they can grow their brains, that their brains form new synapses and abilities as they learn new things. Students develop a mindset that makes learning a mental strengthening and an expansion of their potential. They employ the “curiosity cycle,” building foundations … Read more

Entrepreneurial Learning Evens The Field For Boys and Girls

Entrereneurial Learning Evens The Feild For Boys and Girls

Real world examples, hands-on experiences, and entrepreneurial thinking can ignite girls’ interest in math precisely because they are real, relevant, and maybe even positive for girls’ lives, their world, and our planet.
… We can’t accept the simplistic premise that all differences are the result of how girls and boys are “socialized.”

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