Build For The Future by Empowering Girls

 Girls are curious

Investing in your daughter’s entrepreneurial education is a smart strategy for preparing her for future successes. Girls must be engaged through entrepreneurial frameworks to develop a growth mindset—an understanding that their skills and capacities are ever-expanding. Teaching girls entrepreneurial skills empowers them in life, regardless of career choice. Teaching our youth entrepreneurial skills and mindsets can empower the … Read more

The VentureLab Difference: ESTEAM

The VentureLab Difference: Esteem

What makes VentureLab different from other programs is that our entrepreneurship curriculum draws from STEM and the arts to enhance student learning. It’s based on the ESTEAM framework that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics under the umbrella of Entrepreneurship. We believe innovation and discovery happens at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Having a … Read more

Engage Girls in STEM: Teach Them to Be Entrepreneurs

Providing girls with entrepreneurship education

In my experience as an educator at the university and K-12 levels, I’ve discovered three keys to building our pipeline of women engineers and innovators. In the previous two posts, I explored that we should enable girls to break free of stereotypes and that we should teach them to redefine and to embrace failure. Providing … Read more

Engage Girls in STEM: Let Them Learn From Failure

VentureLab students learn from failure

I’ve discovered three keys to building our pipeline of women innovators and changemakers. In my last post, I explored the first key: let girls break free of stereotypes. The second is to teach our girls to redefine and embrace failure. Studies show that many girls self-select out of things that are difficult or risky, because … Read more

Entrereneurial Learning Evens The Feild For Boys and Girls

Entrereneurial Learning Evens The Feild For Boys and Girls

One of the key differences between boys and girls has everything to do with entrepreneurial learning. Girls tend to understand math better when math problems are cast within a real-world context. Leonard Sax, a psychologist and M.D. who has researched and written extensively on why gender matters in teaching girls and boys, describes a robust … Read more

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