Using A Growth Mindset To Foster Entrepreneurial Learning

Using A Growth Mindset To Foster Entrepreneurial Learning

An entrepreneurial mindset is an accelerated growth mindset. In acquiring such a mindset, not only do girls learn that they can make themselves smarter, they learn that they have the potential to think of new ideas that have practical applications. That might be fancy language for a 5-year-old so it would be better expressed for … Read more

Closing The Confidence Gap With a Growth Mindset

Closing the confidence gap with a growth mindset

A growth mindset is a winning mindset. There is no downside to a girl believing that she has the capacity to grow her intelligence and to acquire new skills. And it’s important to know that neuroscience is on her side. Everything we are learning about plasticity of the brain supports the hope that people can … Read more

Allowing Girls to Tap Into Their Potential

Allowing girls to tap into their potential

When we encourage girls to change their mindset, rather than simply to get good grades, we open up a world of possibilities for them. In my last post, we looked at the importance of encouraging girls in math by understanding the differences in their brains and those of boys. I began to describe a study … Read more

Girls, STEAM, & Growth Mindset

Girls, STEAM, & growth mindset

Full STEAM ahead: What happens to the girls who could go on to study and work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), but who actually don’t? They miss incredible opportunities that could change their lives. This is often less a matter of choice, but more about conditioning. As early as … Read more

Without A Growth Mindset, Girls Limit Themselves

Girls Limit Themselves

Many girls who are straight-A students are often discouraged from subjects where they achieve less than an A. As a result, these gifted girls assume that the course content is not for them, so they choose not to push themselves to pursue these subjects further. Typically these girls are praised and rewarded for their near-perfect … Read more

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