5 Tips for Fostering an Entrepreneurial Learning Environment

When teaching youth entrepreneurship, instructors should serve as mentors, guides, facilitators and champions. Entrepreneurship is not black and white. It is not 2+2=4. Many times, even as the instructor, you won’t know the answer! Here are a few tips to frame your mindset and classroom for teaching entrepreneurship: 1. Recognize that it’s okay not to … Read more

Exclusive VentureGirls Excerpt, Plus Get to Know Each Other Activity!

Looking for ways to empower girls in your life? We’re sharing this exclusive excerpt from VentureGirls, written by our founder Dr. Cristal Glangchai, on the importance of advocating for girls in STEM fields and beyond! Plus, don’t miss our mentorship activity to help you think about how to build rapport and a relationship with your … Read more

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