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Inspire girls by redefining failure
Entrepreneurship Education Articles

Lighting the Spark: Retraining Young Girls to Excel

Redefining failure and encouraging a growth mindset is crucial in shaping our daughters’ path to success. By teaching girls that their brains can change, grow, and embrace challenges, we cultivate their confidence, persistence, and resilience. VentureLab aims to empower girls through entrepreneurial education, sparking their potential and equipping them to live impactful lives.

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Teaching a Confidence Mindset So Girls Learn From Failure - VentureLab
VentureLab General

Teaching a Confidence Mindset So Girls Learn From Failure

Our motivation to teach girls an entrepreneurial mindset and can-do skills is not only about gender equity, but our nation’s future. Our global leadership depends to a great extent on the ability of our entrepreneurs to create companies and jobs out of innovations in technology. That is the genius of our economy, but also its vulnerability. We cannot become complacent. We need new, young, courageous, growth-minded entrepreneurs—men and women—to start and build the businesses of the future.

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change is a sign of growth
VentureLab General

Change is a Sign of Growth

At VentureLab, we strive to empower girls and kids of all backgrounds and circumstances (and …

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