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The VentureLab Difference: Esteem

The VentureLab Difference: ESTEAM

What makes VentureLab different from other programs is that our entrepreneurship curriculum draws from STEM …

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Providing girls with entrepreneurship education

Engage Girls in STEM: Teach Them to Be Entrepreneurs

In my experience as an educator at the university and K-12 levels, I’ve discovered three …

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VentureLab students learn from failure

Engage Girls in STEM: Let Them Learn From Failure

I’ve discovered three keys to building our pipeline of women innovators and changemakers. In my …

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Girls in STEM

Keys To Engaging Girls In STEM

Through my experience teaching at the university level, and what I myself have discovered in …

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Where are all the girls in science?

Where Are All the Girls in Science?

Girls are gifted in science and math, but they’re missing from fields that need their …

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VentureLab curriculum
High School

Entrepreneurship Education: The Toolbox To Develop Tomorrow’s Changemakers

Friends, I am excited to share that the first half of VentureLab’s brand new youth …

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