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Encourage a Curious Child

Strategies to Encourage a Curious Child: Find What Drives Them

How can you encourage a curious child to move from first ponderings to a quest …

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Medici Effect of Entrepreneurial Thinking

The ‘Medici Effect’ of Entrepreneurial Thinking

A family that lived in Italy 700 years ago changed history so much that we …

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Creativity is messy

Thinking Creatively and Messily

Our pop-culture mind values creativity in music, the visual and performing arts, media, digital design, …

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curiosity is a creative asset

Encouraging the Rhythm of Curiosity in Girls

Curious girls are often inclined toward science because scientific questions are fascinating and the answers …

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Entrepreneurial Leanring Inspires Creativity

Entrepreneurial Learning Inspires Creativity

In my last couple of posts, I looked at how improvisation and entrepreneurialism are related, …

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Improv can improve your entrepreneurial spirit

How Improv Can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

“Improv makes you an amazing listener,” says Kevin Benson, who coaches entrepreneurs. “Listening involves more …

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