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Make quantitative creative

Measure The Quest For Knowledge

Over the last six posts, I’ve outlined six of the seven strategies for encouraging creativity …

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Integrate Art and Design

Intergrate Art and Design to Encourage Girls in Science

All science touches on art; all art has a scientific side. The worst scientist is …

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STEAM fields can be wildy creative

Help Girls to Learn How Creative Steam Can Be

Over my last few posts, you’ve discovered four of the seven strategies that I’ve been …

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The ability to change perspectives is valuable

A Change in Perspective Can Develop Children’s Curiosity

In this series of posts, I’ve been outlining seven strategies that I’ve uncovered—through my work, …

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encourage playful learning

To Encourage Curiosity, Make it Play

In my previous two posts, I began to outline the seven strategies that encourage the …

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Innovators are often self-taught

Encourage Girls To Learn Differently

In my last post, I began to outline the seven strategies that play out in …

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