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Why We Offer a Variety of Youth Entrepreneurship Programs


We all know that entrepreneurship programs are hugely beneficial to young minds. However, it’s important to get beyond just the basics. The best youth entrepreneurship programs explore all areas of expertise, from engineering and technology to science, math and the arts. Entrepreneurship Classes Should Be Varied In order to expose students to a truly innovative environment…   Continue Reading

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Movie Making for Kids is Easier Than You Think


Movies are fascinating to children. They’re fun, exciting and a blast to watch. All you have to do is pop in a DVD, and you’ve got hours of entertainment right before your eyes. Unfortunately, making your own movies at home can seem as thought it’s not as simple. You need cameras, microphones, editing equipment and…   Continue Reading

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Celebrate National Engineer’s Week with Youth Entrepreneurship Programs


It’s National Engineer’s Week 2015, a time to celebrate the innovation and skill of those in the engineering profession, and to show our youth what you can create and achieve as an engineer! Many engineers are also entrepreneurs – whether bringing an invention to life as a real product, or  working as the technical member…   Continue Reading

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4 Girl Entrepreneurs You Should Know


For young girl entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to have plenty of strong, female role models to look up to. This helps show them that not only are their dreams and goals a real possibility, but that their gender does not impact the difference they can make in the world. VentureLab Girl Startup students sharing their business…   Continue Reading

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Learning Sites for Kids: Make Education Fun


If you really want a student to learn, retain information and be curious enough to learn more, you have to make education fun. Reading out of textbooks and taking pop quizzes can only go so far. When you teach with entertaining, interactive and enjoyable activities, students will remember them for years to come. A VentureLab…   Continue Reading

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4 Examples of Youth Entrepreneurship at Its Finest


One of the best ways to inspire your child to innovate, create and change the world is to expose them to stories of successful youth entrepreneurship that they can relate to. This shows them that yes, it is possible for young people to make a real difference, and yes, they can make their dreams a…   Continue Reading

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How Young Female Entrepreneurs Can Increase Their Impact


There’s always room to grow, better ourselves and make more of an impact on the world. This is especially true for young female entrepreneurs.Even if you already have a successful organization that’s doing well in your community and helping solve real issues, there’s always room to do more—to help more people, reach more places and…   Continue Reading

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Networking Resources for Women Entrepreneurs


No matter how much education you have or how great your ideas are, succeeding in the business world can all depend on who you know. Your personal and professional relationships could even be the difference between success and failure. Your connections can help you secure a job, find an investor, and get your ideas and…   Continue Reading

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Youth Entrepreneurship: It’s Never Too Early to Start


Youth entrepreneurship isn’t just for kids in their tweens and teens. Though younger children may not be as mature or knowledgeable as their older counterparts, they can actually contribute quite a lot to our society. Young children tend to be creative and thoughtful, and with a little guidance, they can be just as entrepreneurial as…   Continue Reading

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Kids’ Educational Websites for the Young Scientist


The web isn’t just for chatting online anymore. Nowadays, kids can use the internet to expand their minds, inspire their creativity, and even learn a thing or two! In fact, if your child is interested in science, there’s actually a whole slew of kids’ educational websites that they’ll find fun, interesting and exciting, all while…   Continue Reading

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