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Kids’ Educational Websites for the Young Scientist


The web isn’t just for chatting online anymore. Nowadays, kids can use the internet to expand their minds, inspire their creativity, and even learn a thing or two! In fact, if your child is interested in science, there’s actually a whole slew of kids’ educational websites that they’ll find fun, interesting and exciting, all while…   Continue Reading

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How Our Youth Entrepreneurship Programs Benefit Society


Our youth entrepreneurship programs don’t just exist to help children learn, grow and succeed—in fact, they actually help better society, and the world, as a whole. At VentureLab, we work to instill a sense of social awareness in each and every student through the programs we offer. We encourage each child to think about major…   Continue Reading

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The 5 Keys to Successful Youth Entrepreneurship


When it comes to youth entrepreneurship, every child is different. Some kids are interested in changing the world with apps, games and technology, while others want to find better ways to go green, save the environment or sustainably source food. Regardless of their interests, children who become successful young entrepreneurs typically follow a similar journey….   Continue Reading

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8 Educational Sites for Kids Interested in Technology


There are so many educational sites for kids on the web, which can make learning easier, more interactive and, most importantly, more fun for your child. But what about children interested in technology? Actually, there are plenty of websites designed for the tech-savvy kid, and we’ve put together a list of the very best just…   Continue Reading

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Succeeding as a Young Woman Entrepreneur

women entrepreneurs

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is never an easy task. It takes plenty of hard work, and there’s a lot to learn. For women, entering the world of entrepreneurship can be even more difficult. At times it seems that the cards are stacked against the young woman entrepreneur, and in such a male-heavy industry, women are…   Continue Reading

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Youth Entrepreneurship Programs Prepare Your Child for College and Work


At VentureLab, we offer youth entrepreneurship programs for kids of all ages. From kindergarten to all the way through high school, our courses provide a unique and valuable educational opportunity for every stage of your child’s growth. Best of all, our programs can help give your kids the foundation they need to succeed later on…   Continue Reading

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The Code to Success


With each passing year, computers play a greater and greater role in our life. New programs and digital applications are being developed everyday, and while many of them are created by well-established companies, there are some truly remarkable stories about young people making millions with nothing more than their laptop, a lot of code, and…   Continue Reading

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February and March 2014 Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

VentureLab offers state-of-the-art youth entrepreneurship programs in the San Antonio area. Our courses cater to students of all ages, from kindergarten on through college, and we have sessions available on weekends, during the summer and after school to fit even the busiest of families’ schedules. Are you interested in enrolling your child in one of…   Continue Reading

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Teach Them to Fish: The Role of Entrepreneurship Education in Combatting Poverty


Texas is no stranger to poverty. We have the 8th worst poverty rate in the nation, and a third of our children are impoverished. Right here in San Antonio almost 20% of San Antonio residents and nearly one-sixth of families live in poverty. While the city has set an admirable goal of cutting the number…   Continue Reading

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They are more than just pretty faces and delicate hands


Women belong in technology. As a gender, women have earned all of the same rights and privileges as their male counterparts. While I use the word “earned,” I don’t believe that women are treated the same. It’s a known fact that women, on average, make 77 cents to every dollar a male earns, but did…   Continue Reading

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